Friends, we want to hear from YOU!

Think of a time when you & your spouse went through some marital trial (whatever it may have been), and the Lord restored your marriage, your heart for your spouse, and/or your commitment to each other.

Now here’s a hypothetical scenario… Let’s pretend one of your friends is going through a very similar trial. What we want to know is this – what ONE passage of scripture would you encourage them to read, and WHY? How did this particular passage of God’s Word help you in your trial?

We’re hoping to get at least 15 to 20 people that will share their short stories with us (via email) so that we may include them in a near-future blog post we’re working on. All credit will be given to the submitters – unless you tell us you’d rather remain anonymous, and that’s ok too. It doesn’t have to be long… just give us the scripture reference, a short description of the trial you and your spouse were dealing with, and a few sentences about how and why this particular scripture ministered to your pain. Multiple verses within the same passage is perfectly fine. We’re just asking that each person only submit ONE passage (so give us the very best one!)

Whether you want us to include your name or keep you anonymous, PLEASE SPECIFICALLY SAY WHICH YOU PREFER. We do not want to make any mistakes with your privacy, so to err on the side of caution, if you do not explicitly tell us to include your name, we will default to “Anonymous”.

So now it’s your turn… how would YOU encourage someone struggling in their marriage? People all over the world have read our blog posts. Perhaps your story will minister to somebody hurting in a far off country. It might save their marriage, or even more – restore their faith in Christ! Please be bold!

Email us…

Jason & Tiffani
JandT at SongSix3 dot org

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