True Woman 2014 – Saturday, October 11 —

This closing… well, it’s going to be a little bit choppy. We got up early to try to get our car loaded and check out of the hotel before heading to the conference. It would seem that we weren’t the only ladies with this idea. So, instead of being early… we were late.

After loading up the car and putting it back in valet parking until we were ready to leave, we headed off to get our breakfast from the Starbucks on the way to the conference center. Again, it would seem that we weren’t the only ladies with this idea.

It's a #truewoman14 pre-gathering at #starbucks this morning. #caffieneUp

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This is just what you could see of the line. There were more ladies to the left and more behind us, followed by a few poor gentlemen that didn’t realize this weekend was a women’s gathering.

From there, we decided to go sit in the nursing mother’s room where I could really put my feet up properly and be ready for the long drive home.

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Our official Conference Picture…

We shoulda done this two days ago. #backcarry #carryallthebabies #daughterinlove

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Isn’t my daughter-in-love beautiful and my youngest grandson handsome?

There was a small screen that was live fed from the main conference. It was better for my hip than sitting in the chairs in the main arena, but lacked the ambiance. However, it was necessary for me to keep my legs elevated and the extra chairs accomplished this nicely. We listened to Nancy Leigh DeMoss give her closing message in there. Then, I got up to go stretch my legs and grab one last thing from the resource room. I am very sad that I didn’t realize I missed most of Naghmeh Abedini’s testimony and prayer time. The letter from Pastor Saeed to their daughter was powerful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Please keep praying for them. We really do not have any idea how blessed our country is with all of the freedoms we have. The Lord is using this time with their family, but it is hard for them and they need NEED our prayers.

My daughter-in-love and I then gathered our belongings and decided to finish out the last of the conference in the main arena and I am so glad that we did. They had placed a copy of the Manifesto 30 day bible study on each chair that morning. We went through each section with women replying their agreement and waving the “white hanky of surrender”. We enjoyed a final spoken word from Blair Linne. Then, we closed with worship with the Getty’s. Bob Lepine even joined them onstage with guitar!

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All in all, it was an amazing time and my heart is full from the great pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Women’s ministry is my personal passion. I have a heart for ladies. The Lord wants to raise up women who are passionate about serving Him with their whole hearts and aren’t afraid of what that role looks like. He wants women who serve Him first, their husbands next, their children next, and their ministries and the world after that.

Are you sold out for Jesus? If you are a man, are you releasing your wife to be the kind of woman that God has called her to be? If you are a woman, are you standing next to your husband and letting him lead? God hasn’t called us to be weak women. He has called us to be strong women who passionately love Him and our husbands without reserve. And that is who I want to be.

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