True Woman 2014 – Friday, October 10 —

The conference opened with Friday morning with worship with the Getty’s and was followed by a spoken word and prayer by Blair Linne and then a Logos Bible Software Presentation.

Then, Mary Kassian came up and gave a stirring lesson on weak women from 2 Timothy 3:6.

“Sin does not advance by leaps . . . it enters by creeps. It slowly creeps into your life”. -Mary Kassian #truewoman14

We need to be aware of those things going on around us that would slowly erode our walk with the Lord. Sin doesn’t just come into full force, “Bam, here I am!”. It slowly creeps in until it seems normal and not questioned.

Janet Parshall taught on Mary Magdelene after this. I missed a good portion of her teaching, as I had to get up and walk around to stretch my very sore hip at this point.

The resource room was amazing and stocked with all sorts of goodies! They also had chairs and footstools that were heavensent for my swollen legs.

My daughter-in-love and I ended up ordering something to eat from one of the little shops in the conference center to hold us over until dinner.

The afternoon offered two break-out sessions before a dinner break. I really wanted to go to the “Finishing Strong” session being led by Susan Hunt, but I wasn’t able to hobble fast enough and the room was filled before I got there. So, I took the opportunity to further keep my feet up in the resource center and read while waiting for the second session.

The second set of break-out sessions looked lovely, but I was invited to a special meeting with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for ministry partners who give regularly to the Revive Our Hearts Ministry.

(Nancy Leigh DeMoss from my personal instagram account)

She was able to give us testimonies of how the ministry is touching lives and some things that are coming up. She was also able to share how the finances are and what we can pray for between now and years end. Several ministry partners were able to share questions or comments before the session ended. I was sad that I missed an opportunity to get a picture with her by just a few extra minutes of hobbling. But, it was a blessing nonetheless.

When my mom passed away, I was able to call the ministry and spoke to Debby to have my mom’s account cancelled, and take it over in my own name. I hadn’t realized that she was giving to the ministry until I was helping my daddy resolve the finances after she died. It is a financial sacrifice for our family to give, but one that I know the Lord is blessing.

After this session, I met up with my daughter-in-love, dropped our treasures at the hotel, and enjoyed a fabulous sushi dinner just up the street from the conference center.

After dinner we came back to the conference center for more worship and the final session of the evening…


(NOTE: All pictures are copyrighted Revive Our Hearts Ministries and likely downloaded from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram unless otherwise noted under the photo. Where possible, direct link to the source will be provided.)

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