True Woman 2014 – Friday Evening, October 10 —

We joined the conference once again for worship after our dinner break.

We enjoyed the worship ministry of the Chicago Tabernacle Choir before Chrissy Toledo came up to share her testimony. I would have loved to grab a pic of the choir, but honestly I was too busy worshipping. 😉

Can't wait to hear @chrissy_toledo share at #truewoman14 tonight!

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(Image from my own Instagram of Chrissy Toledo)

Chrissy’s testimony is personal to me, as I have a prodigal. Is this child a bad child? NO! They just aren’t choosing to walk fully surrendered with Jesus. You know, one who says “I’m okay. I know that I’m not living like the Bible says, but it’s an outdated book and I know He forgives me.” One of the stumbling blocks to growing up in the church is that you know the truth, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to plant and grow roots in your heart. You feel safe, because you are a good person and you might have even prayed a sinners prayer at one point in your life. But, you aren’t actively living a life sold out for the Lord. You really don’t have that personal relationship with the Savior of your soul.

My husband and I pray for this child. We will never stop praying for our children. I don’t think we’ve done all of this perfectly. But, I still believe that there is hope and one day this child will come home. There is a void in our lives because of their distinct absence.

When you have done all that you can to train up a child in the way that they should go, the battle can only be won on your knees. The Lord knows the very day that child will surrender their lives for good.

“You never know what prayer will tip the scales in heaven. Never stop praying for your prodigal!” ~Chrissy Toledo #TrueWoman14

Chrissy’s testimony also touched my heart because I have lived a very sinful life. I cannot fully express just how much I know that it is “amazing grace that saved a wretch like me”. I deserve nothing outside of Christ. I know how much I have been forgiven and because of that, I can see the deep need in others and just how much the Lord wants to bring healing and forgiveness to them. If the Lord can save the likes of me, He is more than capable of reaching my children… or your children… or your husband… or your wife… or your parents… or my unsaved family.

At the end of Chrissy’s testimony, her father, Pastor Cymbala, came up and gave an altar call specifically for those who are standing in the gap for the prodigals in their lives. It was a time of powerful prayer and I believe that the Lord moved in the lives of many. I truly look forward to many reports of changed lives just because that was the time the Lord had already forseen that His children would be praying. If nothing else, I believe that it strengthened the hearts of praying believers to continue to love their prodigals in any way that the Lord would allow – while not protecting them from the consequences of their choices. Sometimes, God has to allow hard things to change the lives of hard-hearted sinners. I know that He did with me.

Crissy Toledo…

You have a story. God set you free for a purpose. – Chrissy Toledo #truewoman14

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I do have a story. And God set me free for a purpose!


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