“The Unveiled Wife –¬†Embracing Intimacy With God and Your Husband”
by Jennifer Smith


When someone online asks for your address so that they can send you their latest book, you are either excited, “meh”, or already wondering what pile it will be stacked in. A lot of how you react is related to your relationship with this person. Even more should be based on what the Lord speaks to your heart when it arrives. For me, we didn’t start blogging to get into the whole “book review” scene. We didn’t start blogging to get massive amounts of readers following us. We started blogging so that if even one person would be touched by the Lord through what He has done in our marriage… Christ would be glorified.

Back in February 2015, Jen Smith messaged us on Twitter and asked for our address. Now, most of you know that Jason does most all of the twitter posting for @SongSix3. There just aren’t enough hours in my day to juggle everything, and I would never be able to handle it with enough grace. Homeschooling our four youngest children and managing the family farm seriously takes up most all of my time these days. Anyway, Jason sent her our address and told me about it later. I thought it was cool, but didn’t give it more thought.

About a week or so later, a package arrived in the mail addressed to me with a beautiful note inside. I knew that Jen had experienced physical pain in her intimacy with her husband, and I wanted to hear what the Lord had shared with her. You see, we have a story of extreme physical pain in our intimate life that we haven’t shared yet. It’s something that we are still praying about how to share.

I devoured this book. The Lord used this book to speak to areas of my heart that were wounded and raw. He soothed and comforted and reminded me that He is still on the throne. I had every intention of sitting right down and writing from my heart about it… and then life happened. We bought a new larger farm and started working on selling our existing farm. The selling of the old farm took FAR longer than we ever anticipated. It’s been a long nine-ish months since we moved. Now that I can breathe again and actually sit with my computer, it is time!

“Whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away”. ~ 2 Corinthians 3:16

True intimacy can only be found when we are willing to remove our veils and be unashamedly naked – before our Lord and before our spouse. But, this is often not something we are familiar with or even willing to do. We always have areas that we keep hidden and covered. Areas that we aren’t willing to share and be open about. We are all sinners in need of grace.

Ladies, this is a book that you should read! Jennifer’s transparency in her own intimacy struggles can encourage you to run to the Lord for healing in your own. Some of us may never experience physical healing. But, we can be spiritually healed and learn how to walk each day with the measure of grace that He provides.

I pray that¬†“The Unveiled Wife –¬†Embracing Intimacy With God and Your Husband” truly blesses you and your marriage!

Jen Smith – Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to read your book and offer my thoughts on it here. I am truly sorry it took so long to get this done, but as I said above, “life happened.” I am grateful to have had this opportunity.


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One thought on “The Unveiled Wife — Book Review

  1. Thank you so much for sharing about it! Congratulations on the new farm how exciting! I too hope the Lord continues to use this book to help wives confront their fears of being truly known by God and their husband!

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