Today is Day Thirty-five of “The Respect Dare” and we are going to discuss how the Lord uses our marriage to refine us and draw us closer to Him.

“A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions.” ~ Proverbs 18:2 NIV

I have to say that I just didn’t like the story in today’s dare at all. Both of them were very wrong on several very key areas. But, I know that we are talking to wives only right now so I will let that be and share my own story.

A couple of months ago, my oldest son had made arrangements for my husband to drive our van up to Northern Maryland to pick up an RV trailer that he had purchased for his family to live in. We had everything arranged and I had made some specific plans knowing that my husband would be gone all day.

My husband took the spare keys for the van and left mine at home. He got all the way up there and realized that the ball on hitch on the van was too small and he couldn’t tow the trailer home like it was. What he didn’t realize was that he had left the key for the hitch lock on my key ring at home. After trying many different ways to get the ball off the existing hitch, he was ready to just come home.

I offered to drive the keys up to him. This meant that all of my plans had to be scrapped and I had to load the four children up into the prius. This was also at least a 2+ hour drive each way. I knew that we wouldn’t have another opportunity for him to pull the trailer down to our property for another several weeks and I had what he needed to make it happen. So, the children secured the barn and the dog, then gathered stuff to occupy themselves on the long trip, and we got on the road. He didn’t ask me to do this. I offered to sacrifice my plans and do what needed to be done.

My husband knows that he is important to me and his time and plans are too. He also knows that I will speak the truth in love about any hindrance I have with doing something he asks me to do. There have been times that he has asked something of me and then released me from the request after hearing what it would conflict with or cost.

What are some things that are important to your husband that you could be sure to keep up with? Cooking, home making, child training, sex? Ladies, we expect our men to sacrifice to meet our needs regularly. Are we willing to do the same?

Father, Thank You for showing me in many ways that I am called to holiness and I can trust You with my happiness. Help me to seek more ways to regularly bless my husband sacrificially. And please forgive me when I am short or miss the mark completely when he asks things of me that conflict with my plans or intentions.

Please help me daily to show him that he is the most important relationship in my life outside of you! Help me to bless him regularly with my undivided time and attention.

In Jesus’ Name… Amen!

If you are just joining us, I am doing “The Respect Dare” 40 day challenge along with the ladies at Unbroken Woman and others.

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Godspeed… ~ Tiffani

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