Three weeks ago, mom was intubated and put on the respirator due to significant brain swelling after her brain surgery. She has come so far and is doing very well. But, she also has a long way to go.

I am home with my family for the weekend and my daddy is keeping watch. Everyone has my numbers and I’m only a little over an hour away. It still seems odd to not be there, but my children haven’t even had three full days with me in total over the last three weeks. I’ll be back to sit with mom on Tuesday and we are working on a doable schedule after that.

So, here are the latest stats:

– mom is breathing on her own and completely off the oxygen.

– she is waiting for her neurosurgeon to arrange the rest of her medical team to transition to the step-down unit. That should happen in the next few days at most.

– they switched her from a continuous drip feed to a more normal bolus style feeding roughly every six hours.

– she has minimal movement in her left arm and leg. But, it IS movement.

– she is still in isolation treatment for the c-diff at least through Monday. They may or may not retest then. This just means that we all wear gowns and gloves while visiting and wash our hands when we leave.

– she cannot hold herself up or really move herself. We are doing regular exercises to help her muscles relearn movements and regain strength.

– communication is still a work in progress. She knows who I am, but cannot tell you who I am. She struggles to find the right words and speaks very softly and slowly.

– physical therapy has begun working with her daily.

– she does MUCH better when she is sitting upright and has others interacting with her. Laying her down in the bed just puts her right to sleep.

– they are getting her moved into the chair at least twice a day for a couple of hours at a time.

The next step after the step-down unit really depends on how well she is progressing. If she can handle 3 hours of physical therapy daily, she will be transferred to a rehab facility. If she cannot, she will likely go to a local skilled nursing home first.

I am sure that I am forgetting a thing or two, but my mind is mush and needs to shut off for a night or two. I am thankful to all of our readers who are remembering my mom in prayer. Jason and I are grateful for your support during this difficult time for our family.


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3 thoughts on “Praying For Healing – Part 2

  1. Family is a blessing when someone is sick. It’s good to hear that she’s made progress, and she’s lucky to have you there for her.
    Alexis Taylor recently posted…21st Birthday Party Ideas For Guys – Make BeerMy Profile

    1. Jason says:

      Thank you Alexis. Progress is being made, but it’s definitely a slow process. God has His own timetable for this, and we’re working on learning what that looks like for us.

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