Hey friends! I know it’s been awhile since we posted a blog article, and I certainly hope it won’t be too much longer before we do. I’ve got a couple ideas brewing, and so does my beautiful bride!

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that we have just purchased a new bit of farmland not far from our current homestead. We’ve moving up from 2.5 acres to 10 acres, and we can’t wait to get moved in!

Some of you may remember that Tiffani’s mom passed away in November 2013. (See our post about it here.) Roughly a year ago, we were chatting with her stepdad one evening, and he happened to mention (semi-jokingly) that if we ever found the right property with either two houses, or a large enough single house that he could have his own space next to ours, that he wouldn’t be opposed to sharing it with us.

Well, God works in some pretty cool ways. A while ago one of our friends (also in leadership at our church) decided to sell his property and buy a 30+ acre farm to expand his animal pastureland. He and his wife had a 10 acre property with two houses on it. Their grown children and grandkids have been living in the 2nd house. The kids & grandkids moved into the house on the 30 acre farm, and my friend is now building a 2nd house there for he and his wife to live in. A couple of months ago we decided to have a look at their 10 acre property and find out if it would be a good fit for our family and Tiffani’s stepdad. We had a really good talk about it, and decided to make the jump.


House 1 (our family)


House 2 (Tiffani’s StepDad’s)

Last Friday (May 8th), we closed on the property!

Now we are doing a lot of prep work… painting, cleaning, installing energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, and moving small boxes over. Tonight I will be painting the trim in our master bedroom to the color scheme that Tiffani has chosen. The wall that our bed will be against is already complete… a dark chocolate brown. Between today and tomorrow, the other 3 walls will end up with a couple layers of bright sky blue on them.


Master Bedroom painting underway


Kitchen got all new LED lighting

Our bed will be heading over this weekend, and that’s when we intend to start living on the new property.

One other definite BENEFIT to this property is that the internet choices here include DSL. If that doesn’t sound all that exciting to you, here’s the reason why it is for us… for the past 4 years we have been stuck with satellite internet, the ONLY choice at our current house. It’s slow, and we have a monthly limit of 25GB of data. Between Tiffani and I, and our 4 children with iPads, we can blow through 25GB of data in no time flat. This has been a real headache, having to watch every bit and byte like a hawk to make sure we didn’t go over the limit each month. With DSL, yes we’ll have a slower-than-cable connection, but at least the flow is UNLIMITED! For us, this is huge!

And – with the 10 acres of land, in addition to our occasional round of hogs for pork… I can see beef cattle in our future!

So we are grateful to God for giving us one of our family-heart desires… more land to graze our flocks on WITH a better internet connection for the technical side of our life!


Main pasture with animal stalls

Your prayers for safety during our move-in are appreciated. We don’t need anyone getting hurt! Keep watching our site here for new posts in the coming weeks. Tiffani has a couple of books that she wants to review for you, and I’ve got some thoughts burning in my brain about young husbands that let their addiction to video games completely distract them from connecting with their wives and little ones.

May your home & family be wrapped in the peace of God.


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One thought on “New Family Farm

  1. Georgia says:

    What a lovely place! Congratulations! We recently had clients who were moving to a farm with their kids and their three dogs… I cant explain how happy they were! Have a great time there! Greetings, Man with Van Feltham Ltd.

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