Here is the place you’ll find links to some of our favorite marriage bloggers.  Each and every one are places that we have visited, and have found encouragement in things that are posted there.  We pray you are blessed in your marriage journey, and hope that these resources may play a part in that blessing.


Bonny’s Oysterbed7 Bonny Logsdon Burns Encouraging the low libido wife through a Christian lens.  Helping her understand the many dimensions of desire.

Christian Marriage Bloggers Association – There are a TON of great sites here that are filled with marriage resources to help you.

Encourage Your Spouse – Lori Ferguson – A wife, mom to grown kids, and Christ follower. This blog is for husbands & wives leading meaningful lives – encouraging each other and making a difference in the world around them.

Gary Thomas – Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and the upcoming A Lifelong Love writes to singles and marrieds about the blessings and challenges of marriage and relationships, from a Christian perspective.

Heaven Made Marriage – Scott Means – Scott’s goal is to challenge, provoke, inform and, most of all, equip and motivate you to attain the depth of intimacy, passion and love you’ve always dreamed of in your marriage.

Hot, Holy & Humorous – J Parker – J is…a Christian, a wife, a mom, a writer, and a work in progress. What she writes about in this blog is the kind of stuff she would talk to her closest girlfriend about in confidence, but plenty of people don’t have someone who’ll chat biblically and bluntly with them. Read her posts to see how sex in a Christian marriage can be HOT, HOLY & HUMOROUS!

Insert Grace Here – Rena Gunther: While it doesn’t replace her role in her local church body, being part of an online community of Christian women has become a vital part of her daily walk with Christ. At insert grace here you’ll find lessons learned, both small and great, funny and not so funny. But always, always. . .grace.

Intimacy In MarriageJulie Sibert – Encouraging Christian women toward healthy sexual intimacy.

Love Hope Adventure – Keelie Reason – Taking time to create a deep and intimate relationship with your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your family. We are building the home one relationship at a time.

Manna For Marriage – Tami Myer – Whether you feel that you are starving in your marriage or feasting, God has truth that will nourish and strengthen your relationship. Your marriage is worth nurturing because your marriage represents people who are worth loving.

Messy Marriage – Beth Steffaniak – They offer support and resources to Christian and non-Christian couples who experience the messiness of life and marriage. They address anything from light issues like personality differences and/or conflict resolution to extreme issues like adultery and/or pornography addiction.

One Flesh Marriage – Brad & Kate Aldrich – They have been together for 18 years, married for 12! Over those 18 years, they have been blessed to experience God’s reality of a “One Flesh” marriage. Brad & Kate hope to share that blessing with you.

Sharing Redemption’s StoriesRebekah Hallberg: Rebekah is giving encouragement to wives who are praying for redemption in their marriages.

Something To Stu Over – Stuart Tutt – Stu is just a man seeking God while trying to raise two Godly children. After hearing God’s voice Stu started two pages on Facebook to hopefully help others not make the same mistakes he did in life; Spiritual Leaders of the Family and Resurrecting The Redeemed From Porn Addiction. Stu has made many mistakes in life, as have we all, but he gives praise to God daily for His love, grace and forgiveness.

The Forgiven Wife – Chris Taylor – The mission of The Forgiven Wife is to encourage Christian wives as they break away from sexual refusing and gate-keeping.

The Generous Husband – Paul Byerly – Generosity seems to be in limited supply these days, even in our marriages. This list is about learning how to “go the extra mile” for our wife, rather than doing only what we think is “required”. Each day you will receive one tip or suggestion for being a more generous husband.

The Generous Wife – Lori Byerly – A daily reminder to grow your marriage.

The Marriage Bed – Paul & Lori Byerly – The Marriage Bed provides a Christian alternative for married and engaged couples seeking information about marital intimacy. They combine the truth of the Bible with biological facts to educate, encourage, and minister to those seeking God’s best for their marriage relationship.

The Romantic Vineyard – Tom & Debi Walter – A Rich Harvest of Ideas to Help Your Marriage Grow.

And for the adventurous among our readers… the following sites offer products to spice up your marital bed.
BONUS: They advertise without pornographically assaulting your eyes and minds! Have fun! (Note from us… please see the link “if used properly” in the Married Dance paragraph below. Fantastic write up for Christians!)

The Pure Bed – Our mission is to support husbands and wives in the enjoyment of sexual intimacy in marriage.  We are committed to the idea that God created sex as a gift to married couples to promote a special kind of human relationship.

Marriage Bed Tips – We help Christians make their marriage beds squeak loud and proud by teaching them the stuff their parents never taught them about sex. The best part about all of this is we discuss these topics in a Christian friendly and marriage centered way; all without vulgar language or images.

Married Dance – A Christian friendly sex toy store.  We sell a large variety of vibrators, dildos, lubes, lotions, sex furniture, and other kinky marital aids that heighten foreplay and sexual intercourse for Christian married couples. Our selection of sex toys adhere within Christian religious boundaries if used properly. Our goal is to provide a clean safe place for married Christians to shop for sex toys without being tempted by products or behaviors that are not within Christian religious boundaries. We have also invested heavily in technology to make sure you have the best possible shopping experience with us.

Honoring Intimates – This site is more than just a shop. They also have a Christian marriage blog as well. We really like what they have to say on their “About” page… The Bible makes it clear that marital intimacy between a husband and wife is truly a gift from God. That said, finding lingerie, romance devices, or lubricants often results in Christians being bombarded with inappropriate images – leading many to either be exposed to this imagery, or completely avoiding any kind of fun in their blessed bedroom! Acknowledging this dilemma, Honoring Intimates was established to be a safe place for believers to learn about marital sex and shop for the highest quality romance and intimacy items.

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