Here is the place you’ll find links to some of our favorite marriage bloggers.  Each and every one are places that we have visited, and have found encouragement in things that are posted there.  We pray you are blessed in your marriage journey, and hope that these resources may play a part in that blessing.


Christian Marriage Bloggers Association – There are a TON of great sites here that are filled with marriage resources to help you.

Insert Grace Here – Rena Gunther: While it doesn’t replace her role in her local church body, being part of an online community of Christian women has become a vital part of her daily walk with Christ. At insert grace here you’ll find lessons learned, both small and great, funny and not so funny. But always, always. . .grace.

Sharing Redemption’s StoriesRebekah Hallberg: Rebekah is giving encouragement to wives who are praying for redemption in their marriages.

And for the adventurous among our readers… the following sites offer products to spice up your marital bed.
BONUS: They advertise without pornographically assaulting your eyes and minds! Have fun! (Note from us… please see the link “if used properly” in the Married Dance paragraph below. Fantastic write up for Christians!)

The Pure Bed – Our mission is to support husbands and wives in the enjoyment of sexual intimacy in marriage.  We are committed to the idea that God created sex as a gift to married couples to promote a special kind of human relationship.

Married Dance – A Christian friendly sex toy store.  We sell a large variety of vibrators, dildos, lubes, lotions, sex furniture, and other kinky marital aids that heighten foreplay and sexual intercourse for Christian married couples. Our selection of sex toys adhere within Christian religious boundaries if used properly. Our goal is to provide a clean safe place for married Christians to shop for sex toys without being tempted by products or behaviors that are not within Christian religious boundaries. We have also invested heavily in technology to make sure you have the best possible shopping experience with us.

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