Just Show Up

Purchased November 2015


This.book.is.amazing! Okay, really it’s not the book that is amazing, it is the content and the heart and the wisdom. And I have a confession. I didn’t follow Kara Tippetts. I know. I know. It must be shocking. But, the timing of her public battle with cancer was within the year after my mom died and I just couldn’t follow anyone else in hard places. My heart could not handle the emotional struggles anywhere else than where I was walking.

So, how did I come to read this book? I’m glad you asked! I’ve been praying about engaging on Periscope. Not as SongSix3, Jason already does that. I’ve been following some other like-minded homeschoolers and like-minded women to see where the Lord might have me add my own personal voice. One of the ladies in one of these groups scoped about this book. As she read a part of the book and spoke of it, I remembered the internet buzz about Kara and the subject caught my attention. So, the next payday I bought the book.

I needed to read this book. Jason and I have experienced a lot of “hard” in our lives… especially in the last 10 years. This book has challenged me as both a giver and a receiver during those hard times of struggle.

When my mom was in the hospital for six weeks before she died I needed help. But, honestly I had no idea how to receive that help. I didn’t know how to let others help me. I look back and realize how many people I turned away because I didn’t know how to accept their help. Now, I have better ideas about how to encourage and receive help during any time like that.

But, it’s more than that. I also learned how shallow some of my past offers of help have been to others during their “hard”. It wasn’t that I was insincere or shallow in my heart. I just didn’t know any better. But, I do now. I also was reminded time and again that it’s not about how you do things. It’s about showing up and making yourself available. It’s about being willing to give and to receive. It’s about looking to the One who shows up for us every day and trusting Him to guide our actions and our hearts.

So, what is your hard place today? Is it a sickness? Is it a job loss? Is it a prodigal child? Is it your marriage? God is in your hard place. And he wants you to reach out for help so that others can help. He wants you to take your healing that comes and just show up for others who find themselves in similar hard places. Just show up!

Godspeed ~ Tiffani

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