Hi Friends!

This is merely a public service announcement for those of you who follow our occasional blog posts… As our current web hosting service is closing the business very shortly, we have begun the painful process of moving the blog.

Last night I did several back ups of the site and all your wonderful comments over the years. My goal is to have everything moved and operational before the coming weekend is over. I’m working on getting all the prep work done, and then a good friend is going to help me get things transferred and back in good order.

The blog will likely go down for a day or two, but please be assured that we’ll be back as quickly as possible. This is just a momentary stutter in the ministry, but we will get through it. We won’t be able to trust our songsix3.org email accounts for the next several days, so if you really need to contact us, please visit the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SongSix3/) and use the “Contact Us” link, or you may direct message me on Twitter. @SongSix3

Thanks for your understanding! We will get this done as quickly as possible!

May your marriages be wrapped in the peace of Christ.

In Christ,

UPDATE: Friday 11/13/15
Last evening I worked with Jesse, husband of a dear sister named Jennifer (you just might know her as the “Unbroken Woman.”) Jesse is quite the expert at moving WordPress blog sites and he certainly took good care of us! He moved a standard website and TWO blogs (including databases) in under 90 minutes, leaving only a couple of minor issues to be fixed at the end of the moves. Those little things were addressed very quickly, and the switches were flipped so that our blogs were back online on the new server before Tiffani and I even went to bed last night. Awesome job, brother – I can’t thank you enough!

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