This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day that modern society says we should honor our mothers. According to Wikipedia, it was first celebrated in the United States in 1908, after a three year campaign by Anna Jarvis to get a recognized holiday on the calendar. It only took a few years for the holiday to begin getting commercialized by companies selling cards and candy. Anna recognized this, and it angered her enough to attempt to get the holiday rescinded. The fact that the holiday is still recognized on the US calendar of course, shows us that she failed.

I believe that Anna Jarvis had good intentions, but then other individuals and corporations hijacked the idea and turned it into something Anna never intended.

But you know what’s really interesting? God told us in His Word that EVERY day should be “Mother’s Day”, and “Father’s Day” as well. The fifth commandment, found in Exodus 20:12, says this: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.”

And how beautiful that this commandment even comes with a promise! Basically God says that as we honor our parents, He will in turn bless our efforts. (I know, that’s simplifying it alot… but this post is not intended to be a deep theological endeavor.)

This is going to be the first Mother’s Day we’ve celebrated without all the mother figures in our lives present. I have a mom and a stepmom. Both of them are still living. But Tiffani’s mother passed away a few months ago, and she is REALLY feeling it right now – especially with all the reminders about Mother’s Day everywhere she looks.

I know from the regular sadness and occasional tears that my wife is mourning her mom’s passing into eternity. But I also know that Tiffani is overjoyed with the knowledge that she WILL see her mother again when she finally arrives at Heaven’s door. I know that she is very content with having had the chance to reconnect with her mom over the past several years. They shared a lot of wonderful time together, doing things they both loved to do – such as knitting and sewing lots of garments for the kids and grandkids.

Tiffani’s mom (also known as Cheryl, Memaw, or Mama-Cheryl) left behind a gift for Tiffani. Mama-Cheryl had several knitting projects in various stages of production when she left us. When Tiffani’s head is able to be back in the game, she intends to finish these projects and bless other people with the completed garment. I know that this will give her great joy. That beautiful sparkle will return to her eyes, and I can’t wait to see it happen!

2014’s calendar says that May 11th is Mother’s Day, and June 15th is Father’s Day. While it’s all well and good to honor our parents on those particular days, let’s start to make a concerted effort to honor our parents on ALL the days of the year.


Also, if one of your parents is gone but the other remains with you, put forth the extra effort to really make them smile on a regular basis. Remember that they too are likely missing their beloved spouse, and your love & care may lessen their heartache just a bit. One day you may be in their shoes. Wouldn’t you want your children to do the same for you?

Lastly, always do the best you can to make every moment with your loved ones count – be it your parents, your spouse, or your children.

You never know when the Lord will call your name.

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One thought on “Honor Your Parents

  1. Debbi says:

    Tiffani, Oh how my heart breaks for you! This first Mothers Day without yours will be the hardest. The first of everything will be. But it will get better. But to know there will come a day when there will be no more tears, no more missing our loved ones, no more unhappiness—is such a wonderful future to be excited about! Just think, every day is Mothers Day for our mamas. They are with Jesus! I will be praying for you Sunday. Debbi Moses

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