Later this year – August 28th to be exact – Tiffani and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I was introduced to Tiffani by my best friend Mike (co-guitarist in the band I was in) and his girlfriend Cindy on December 20, 1985. Sadly, Mike and Cindy broke up soon thereafter. But with the exception of the 11 months we were separated in 1989-1990, Tiffani and I have been together ever since.

We started having kids VERY early. SO early in fact, that our first born son was 8 months old on our wedding day. Neither of us were walking with the Lord back then, and there are many aspects of my young life that I’m not very proud of. But God has shown SO much grace and mercy to us through all these years. I shudder to think of where we’d be today if He had left us to fend for ourselves.

So anyway… in all the years we’ve been together, my bride and I have never been away (without the kids) for more than a weekend. Have you and your spouse ever packed up and gotten away from everyone else for at least a week? We never have, and this year we’re intending to end that streak with a very special trip for just the two of us.

We have two destinations in mind, and we have begun the early planning stages already. Tiffani has always had a dream of going to Disney World – just the two of us – so we can enjoy the trip as “big kids”. I intend to fulfill that dream this year. She’s been talking with a friend of hers who happens to be a travel agent that specializes in Disney trips, and I’m letting them run with it. We’re planning 3-5 days in Orlando, Florida, and then a leisurely drive back up north.

It’s also in my plan to make a 2 day stop in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina. We were married on Folly Island in 1987, and lived in North Charleston while I was stationed at Charleston AFB. We have many fond memories of our time in South Carolina, back when our lives were so much simpler. Motorcyling along the Battery, enjoying the ocean breeze… cruising our boat all along the intracoastal waterways for day-long trips… sitting up all night catfishing in the Tailrace Canal… canoeing in the Goose Creek Reservoir… all in the days before cell phones and 24-hour-a-day internet connections.

Disney World

Morris Island Lighthouse

North Charleston Riverfront Park

(All pictures above are clickable to see the full-sized image)

1. Disney World, Orlando Florida.
2. Morris Island Lighthouse (off Folly Island, South Carolina) This lighthouse is no longer in operation, but it continues to stand and guard the entrance to the harbor. Drove past it many times in our boat.
3. North Charleston Riverfront Park, South Carolina. I cruised up and down the waterway and under this bridge, more times than I can count.

All this planning has gotten me thinking about all the fun we’re going to have. But the part that’s the MOST exciting – the thing I MOST look forward to – is that I get to have the most beautiful woman in my world at my side, holding my hand and enjoying all the fun WITH ME. I get to look into her eyes and recall all the good memories we’ve made in the past, all while making some brand new memories that we can remember in the years yet to come. THIS is what “getting away together” is all about! And I can’t wait to get this show on the road!

How will YOU make memories with your spouse this year? Talk to us in the comments below!

UPDATE: 9/15/17 – We’re heading out TODAY on our trip! It’s been slightly revised to look like this… tonight we’ll be staying with our oldest daughter and grandson in North Carolina. Tomorrow around lunchtime we’ll head out again and take a drive down into Georgia, where we have a hotel already booked near Savannah. Then Sunday will be the leg that takes us into the Disney area, and we’re hoping to make a stop for coffee with Greg & Carrie Beavers (marriage bloggers at “One Flesh Awakening“). We’ll be at Disney until Thursday morning, stopping for brunch with Tom & Debi Walter (marriage bloggers at “The Romantic Vineyard“). Then we’ll be departing their company and heading for Folly Island, South Carolina – which is where we were married on August 28, 1987. We’ll stay the night there, see some sights around the Charleston area on Friday, and then begin a leisurely drive back home to Northern Virginia. The plan is to arrive home on Saturday the 23rd of September.

Greg, Carrie, Tom & Debi… we can’t wait to see you guys as we pass through your areas! ~Jason

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7 thoughts on “Getting Away Together!

  1. Sounds like a great plan. We are in the Caribbean right now between Honduras and Grand Cayman Island. This is our first big trip alone in 26 years and it has been an amazing experience to say the least. My only regret is that we’ve waited 26 years to do this. We’re already planning next year’s trip.

    1. Jason says:

      Now that you’re back, I hope you guys have ten thousand fantastic memories to look back on! Yes, we definitely regret not having done this before now, but as we are FINALLY in the planning stages for our trip, we are really excited about all the possibilities. Are you planning to do something completely different from the trip you just got back from?
      Jason recently posted…Getting Away Together!My Profile

      1. We will vacation in late December or January. We will certainly go someplace tropical and warm but not the same places. We really enjoy cruises because they are relatively affordable and all inclusive (except adult beverages and soda). We’ve got until July/August to decide for sure on a destination.

  2. Beth says:

    My husband and I are celebrating 30 years on May 30th of this year, and have a few trips planned. Since we are now empty-nesters, this is easy to do. One of our trips is going to be to Texas–and though we didn’t plan to go there for the same reason you’re headed to Charleston–this post got me to thinking about it. We lived the first two years of our marriage in Texas as we finished our masters degrees. So it’s a fitting trip for us, after all! And I just love Charleston–it’s one of my favorite US cities. So I hope that you and your bride, Jason, enjoy every minute of that trip and the others.

    I’d love to have you share this at my From Messes to Messages Linkup. I know it’s not a “mess” that you’re talking about today, but it’s very much marriage related. So it fits in my opinion! Thanks for your constant encouragement along the way too! I’ve noticed and always appreciated it!

    1. Jason says:

      Thank you Beth! I hope you guys are tremendously blessed as you return to Texas in a few months!

      And, as you requested, I have added this post to your link up… thank you for offering the opportunity!


  3. Blanca says:

    Getting away together to DisneyWorld is our favorite thing to do! We celebrated our 20th anniversary with our son and for our 25th it was our ‘big kid’ trip..just the two of us. I must say after taking our kids on many many trips, walking down MainStreetUSA hand in hand with my love was truly priceless. We enjoyed the sights, the sounds, the scents in the MagicKingdom, had an amazing time riding all the rides, had dinner celebrations, the list goes on. We have since took two more solo trips and are now planning my 50th bday there next year. We will be bringing the kids and grandkids to that one.
    So enjoy all the ‘getting away together’ trips you plan. They really are the best times!!!!

    1. Jason says:

      Blanca, we are now in the final planning stages, and getting more excited about the trip every day!
      Jason recently posted…Appreciate Your WifeMy Profile

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