As the doctor suspected, Tiffani’s MRI revealed a tear at the base of the right acetabular labrum. It is easily treatable with outpatient surgery to trim and shave the torn labrum so that it no longer catches and causes pain. We are now just waiting for the scheduling secretary to work everything out and get her scheduled.

Please continue to pray with us. The doctor seems to believe that this surgery can remove most of Tiffani’s pain. I pray he is correct.

I will update this post as soon as we have a surgery date scheduled.

Thank you again, friends… We appreciate you!


UPDATE 9/16/14 – 4:50pm EST

We have a surgery date!

Tiffani will be having outpatient surgery on Friday 9/26 at 1:15pm EST! The doctor is upbeat and fairly confident that this procedure will eliminate the majority of Tiffani’s pain. If this turns out to be the case – man, what an answer to prayer!! I will post again just prior to the surgery, and again afterwards.

Thank you all for continued prayer! Blessing to you and your family!

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2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain – Update

  1. Chris says:

    I will be in prayer that this surgery does what you need it to be so Tiffani can have comfort and peace. Chronic pain is wearying and wearing, and it will be good to have that behind her.
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    1. Jason says:

      Thanks Chris. We are REALLY looking forward to getting this done. She’s been hurting for so long that she’s almost forgotten what it’s like to be without it. Praising God for getting us this far in the process so quickly!

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