Well friends, today was the day. This morning was interesting, as Tiffani was not allowed to eat or drink from midnight last night, until after surgery today. This meant I needed to eat some breakfast and drink my coffee hidden away where she couldn’t see me (or smell the coffee!)

We arrived at the surgical center about 10:30am and got signed in quickly. The nurse took Tiffani back and got her all dressed for the operating room, then came and got me. An (almost) never-ending stream of nurses & aides kept dropping in to ask her a bunch of questions (always the same ones!), and then have her sign more forms. Finally her actual doctor showed up and joked around a bit, helping Tiffani to feel a bit more at ease. He told me that I should expect to see him roughly an hour after she was rolled in, and he would give me the after-report.

At roughly the 45-minute point, I was surprised (and slightly nervous) to see him coming out to see me. But at least he was smiling. He told me that it had gone very well, and showed me the microscope pictures he took of her leg joint – along with the damaged tissues. He said he had cleaned it all up nicely, and that he is confident that within a week or two, Tiffani should be feeling significantly less pain than she has been for the past two years.

What an answer to prayer this whole thing has been! We had really been seriously discouraged over this pain she’s had for a while now… wondering if this was simply how life was to be for us. I am glad that I insisted she get another professional opinion besides her original ortho doc. He was convinced that her hip pain was somehow connected to her previous back issue (from a few years back) and never really looked into it seriously. But when her pain started affecting every little corner of our life, I asked her to consider getting it checked out by someone else. This new doctor basically nailed the issue between the initial visit and the subsequent MRI, and today’s surgery was the result of those examinations.

Now Tiffani is home in bed (since approximately 5pm) and setup with her drinking water, ice packs and medicines for pain. She will rest right here in this spot for the next several days to regain strength, with the kids and I watching over her. For me, this is not a burden, but a joy! To get to care for my wife (while she is unable to do much for herself) gives me an opportunity to serve her with the love of a husband. I get to “be Jesus” to her!

Thank you friends, for praying for my wife. She is very grateful to each of you for joining with us from around the world, wherever you may be. I will probably write 1-2 more posts in this series in the next several weeks, just to let you all know how she’s healing up. Though Tiffani doesn’t write on the blog these days, she does read your comments. So if you want to write her a note, please feel free to add a comment on the bottom of this post. She will see them. One day, when farm management and homeschooling don’t consume every waking moment, I am hopeful that she’ll put her excellent writing skills back to work here, and add some fresh SongSix3 posts.

Thank you for reading. May the peace of the Lord fill your lives & homes!


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2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain – Surgery Complete

  1. Milli says:

    May God heal you Tiffani. Good to know you are doing fine. Get well and get back on your feet soon.


  2. So glad to hear it went well! I remember an altogether different physical issue that I battled for years, and then I finally got a doctor who performed a surgery that just took care of it! I’ve never regretted that decision. I pray that Tiffani experiences a similar healing and will be back on her feet and feeling good soon.

    Many blessings! And continued prayers.
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