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Today’s post is not our normal topical message about marriage. This post is intended to say thanks to some friends of ours, and to make you aware of their ministry.

We were married very young, especially by today’s standards. But through Christ who strengthens us, we have survived every single nasty attempt by Satan to drive a wedge between us and destroy our marriage bond. We stand here today over 27 years later, with our marriage in the BEST place its’ ever been. SongSix3 – My Beloved Is Mine – was born of our desire to share our experiences as we’ve grown up together in marriage.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve met some great people… fellow ministers who share our heart for hurting and broken marriages. About a year or so ago, a man named Greg Beavers reached out to me through Twitter to introduce himself. He and his wife Carrie were part of a ministry team called “One Flesh Awakening.”


Shortly after our initial contact by email, Greg and I spoke on the phone for probably an hour and a half. Even though we were speaking for the first time, I quickly felt a brotherly sort of connection to Greg, as we shared our visions for messed-up marriages. Since that time we have spoken several more times by phone, encouraging each other in ministry, and simply as Christian brothers. I consider Greg to be a good friend, and hope one day very soon to actually get to meet him face to face.

Live interviewing of couples in marriage ministry is one of the great things they have chosen to do with One Flesh Awakening. During one of our phone calls many months back, Greg suggested that OFA do an interview with Tiffani and I. Originally, we were going to share an abbreviated version of our story – the lies, the infidelities, and the overall brokenness of our marriage during those dark years, and how Jesus helped us put it all back together. But for various reasons on both our parts, the interview was put off for many months.

Recently, as we began to prepare for the interview, Tiffani and I spoke with Greg on the phone. During that conversation, we came to the conclusion that marriages would be better served to hear about where the Lord has brought us to SINCE those ugly events happened. Greg’s partner, Dave Braun did the interview with us. At first we were a little nervous, but Dave put that to rest pretty quickly. He made us both feel totally at home with his friendly and easy-going manner.

So as of today, the interview can now be heard -=>RIGHT HERE!<=- Thank you Greg, Dave and the rest of the One Flesh Awakening team for making this opportunity available to us!

Even if you don’t have time to listen to the podcast right now, please do take a few minutes to visit One Flesh Awakening and check out their site. You can find their Facebook page right here. You will find them on Twitter as @One_Flesh_Awake. These folks take marriage seriously, just like we do. I’m sure you’ll like what you see!

In Christ,

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