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Friday (September 22, 2017) was to be our last day on the road. But it was still eventful and packed with memories. We left our hotel room in Charleston and headed across the bridge onto Folly Island. Folly is where we were married on August 28, 1987. My good friend Rick Kuenzler, an Air Force buddy, held our son Tim while Tiffani and I spoke our vows before the Justice of the Peace, Randolph Hille. We spent about 45 minutes traversing Folly Beach in the truck, stopping to take a few pictures for memories. Then we headed back towards Charleston.

First stop was the Charleston Air Force Base. Obviously I could no longer get onto the base, so we simply stopped along the fence and took a few shots of the old work place. My hangar could fit two C-141B cargo aircraft inside and still close the doors, and there it was, still in operation. Next we headed out into town and found our old trailer park – another memory.

Our last memory-filled visit was to “The Landing”, the apartment complex we lived in for awhile. We had some pretty good memories of this place, and it’s funny what 30 years can do to a place. Looking at the pictures, you’ll see that the building is completely overhung with trees. When we lived here before, those trees were little sticks held up by string, and sunlight constantly beat on the building. My friend Rick and his wife Sonia lived across the street from us. I remember many nights of sitting down at the end of the street with Rick (and sometimes with our wives too), fishing poles in the Goose Creek Reservoir, bringing in catfish for dinner. It was a much simpler life back then.

And the final part of our trip… the long ride home. We pointed the faithful Ram in the direction of Virginia, plugged in the GPS coordinates for home, and settled in for the 8 hour ride home. Along the way we stopped and enjoyed a good dinner at a Texas Roadhouse steak place. The rest of our stops were for coffee. Arriving home somewhere around 10pm, we unloaded the truck with the help of teenage son and father-in-law, then prepared for bed. We had been gone for exactly one week plus 9 hours. All the children (AND Pappy) were still alive, and the house was still standing. Simply amazing. God was definitely good to us!

Tiffani and I never got to have a honeymoon 30 years ago. We got married with a child already in our arms, and another one followed very shortly afterward. I was a young jet engine mechanic in the Air Force, and she took care of the kids at home. There wasn’t much money, and life doesn’t stop like a carousel to let you get off for awhile. It just keeps on going. So we did what we had to do, and we made a whole bunch of mistakes along the way. As some of you already know, we spent a year apart very early in our marriage because of our own selfishness. God was faithful even though we were not, and He restored us to each other. We’ve spent decades learning how to do life as believers in Christ, and we’ve hurt each other in terrible ways. This trip was awesome – we took what we’ve learned over the past many years, and put it all to good use. We spent a lot of time exclusively in each other’s company. We held hands, walked together, watched sunsets. We ate meals surrounded by strangers, but shared intimate conversation as husband and wife. We had fun in the Disney parks, and remembered some past memories of an earlier life. We visited with good friends along the way.

We took a trip together as best friends, as companions, and as lovers. And the world continued to turn. How about that?

Lord, I want to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to take this trip with my beautiful Tiffani. We’ve waited a long LONG time for this chance, and You helped us make it happen. Thank you for the finances, the excellent operation of our truck, and safety from beginning to end of the entire adventure. Thank you again for allowing your daughter to share this life with me. She definitely makes it worth living. Amen!

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Amy Wyler of “Polka Dots N Wishes Travel” – Amy, you helped make our wish come true! Thank you so much! ~Jason

Friends, if you are planning a trip to Disney, you simply need to talk to Amy. Disney is WHAT SHE DOES! And take it from me, she does it well! Here’s how to get hold of Amy…

Instagram: polkadotsnwishestravel
Twitter: @PolkadotsWishes

And for those who might think up such questions, this is not a paid endorsement. She had no idea we were going to write anything. Amy really did such a wonderful job helping us prepare for our trip, that I’d love for her to get the chance to help you too!

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