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Day two at Disney (Tuesday, September 19, 2017) found us looking forward to visiting The Animal Kingdom. We woke early and went down to the boardwalk to find some breakfast (and COFFEE!) Once we got ourselves seated with a nice view of the water, a couple of visitors waddled up and insisted that I share my scrambled eggs with them. As I was doing so, an entire party of very well dressed people marched by behind on us their way to what appeared to be a wedding. Shortly behind them was a Rolls Royce carrying what we believed to be the groom. What a place to have a wedding!

After breakfast we headed for the bus stop, and took our ride to The Animal Kingdom. This park was more about sight-seeing than rides (although there were definitely rides there!) Like Magic Kingdom, we did a lot of walking and enjoying of the sights, sounds and smells surrounding us. There were plenty of shops to visit. One memorable thing we bought was this crazy frozen fruit drink that had those little bubbles in it that they use with “bubble tea.” That was a great thing to enjoy on a very hot day!

The two things we had planned here were the Jungle Safari ride, and dinner. The safari ride took us down into the natural animal habitats, and our guide (named “Heelie”) was very educated on the animals. We had this nice little picture guide up inside the truck where we sat, and she correctly named everything along the way. Well done!

Dinner was definitely an experience! The place was very large inside, with trees and jungle vegetation all around. But also placed in the vegetation were many animatronic animals. They would turn their heads and raise paws every now and then, seemingly at random. But somewhere about the half hour mark, the place would literally erupt into a cacophony of animal sounds and all the animatronics would go crazy! We were sitting right beside two trumpeting elephants, and across the room from us was a life-sized gorilla who was rather scary! All in all, it was a fun evening, and our server Joshua was great! He saw the 30th anniversary buttons we were wearing (see pic of Tiffani below) and asked “what’s the secret?” Tiffani’s answer to him was “lots of Jesus”, and I added “a ton of forgiveness.” He told us he was getting married in a month, so we wished him the very best, and also shared this blog’s address with him. Joshua, if you’re reading this, please say hello in the comments!

Another long day with lots of walking, and our feet were sore. We headed back to our resort and found our room. Time for sleep, and anticipating Wednesday’s visit to Epcot Center!

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Amy Wyler of “Polka Dots N Wishes Travel” – Amy, you helped make our wish come true! Thank you so much! ~Jason

Friends, if you are planning a trip to Disney, you simply need to talk to Amy. Disney is WHAT SHE DOES! And take it from me, she does it well! Here’s how to get hold of Amy…

Instagram: polkadotsnwishestravel
Twitter: @PolkadotsWishes

And for those who might think up such questions, this is not a paid endorsement. She had no idea we were going to write anything. Amy really did such a wonderful job helping us prepare for our trip, that I’d love for her to get the chance to help you too!

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