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Monday, September 18 was a LONG day with a ton of walking. The Magic Kingdom is one heck of a big place, and some places we found were worth visiting twice. At Disney, you can get these things called “Fast Passes”, which essentially allow you to jump much of the line. You can only get a few of them, so it’s best to choose wisely. As this trip was my wife’s lifelong dream, I wanted her to pick them all for us. We started off the show by visiting “It’s A Small World”, a ride through many countries showing children of all races and backgrounds singing the popular children’s song. With the state of our world today, it was a rather refreshing break from the bitterness, even if just for a few minutes. As we were exiting from the tunnel, there were various video screens with names on them. Since we hadn’t signed in to the ride, it was a little disconcerting to see our names on one of them. Disney is watching!

We also visited “Pirates of the Caribbean” and took a boat ride through their world. If you’re familiar with the series of movies, then this one will be fun for you. The animatronics were amazing throughout the park, and this ride was no exception. There is so much action going on around you, and it’s hard to get really good pictures. Most of mine from this ride turned out blurry, but I’ve posted the best below. Almost all the characters are moving in some way, and many appear very lifelike. Here’s a bit of trivia for you… I have read that there are 3 animated “Captain Jack Sparrow” characters in various places throughout this ride. But on occasion, people have reported seeing FOUR. For those fortunate enough to see the fourth, it means you’ve just encountered Johnny Depp (the actor who plays Jack Sparrow in the movies). Apparently he likes to visit the park in character and hurl insults at people floating by in their boats! (If you’re wondering, we counted three.)

Outside of our fast passes at Magic Kingdom, we really didn’t have an agenda or plan. The two of us were quite content to walk all over the park, visiting shops (still looking for the elusive Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears!), walking into attractions and rides as we decided on the spur of the moment, and spending time BEING TOGETHER! Later in the afternoon we watched a performance of many of the Disney characters singing and dancing at Cinderella’s Castle. Then we made our way through most of the shops on Main Street, eventually finding ourselves at the flagpole, where we were fortunate enough to witness the very respectful lowering of the flag ceremony.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant near the front gate, and after the short bus ride back to our resort, we decided to jump on the harbor boat and take a cruise around to all the various ports. Our host assured us with a big smile that this cruise would be cheaper than most other cruises we COULD be on at that moment, but none would be shorter. Roughly 30 minutes later as we disembarked back at our original port, I had to agree with him on both counts!

At this point, both of us decided that our feet were hurting enough from all the walking. It was time to find our room for the night. The last picture below tells the story better than I could do with words. Tiffani soaked in the big tub while I got a good hot shower. Then we both crashed for the night, anticipating another big day at The Animal Kingdom on Tuesday! (We will pick it up here in the next post!)

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Amy Wyler of “Polka Dots N Wishes Travel” – Amy, you helped make our wish come true! Thank you so much! ~Jason

Friends, if you are planning a trip to Disney, you simply need to talk to Amy. Disney is WHAT SHE DOES! And take it from me, she does it well! Here’s how to get hold of Amy…

Instagram: polkadotsnwishestravel
Twitter: @PolkadotsWishes

And for those who might think up such questions, this is not a paid endorsement. She had no idea we were going to write anything. Amy really did such a wonderful job helping us prepare for our trip, that I’d love for her to get the chance to help you too!

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