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Sunday evening (Sep 17, 2017) after we checked in to our Disney resort, we headed off to find our room. We did have a little trouble finding our place because the layout of the grounds was somewhat confusing. But we did finally locate it! The first several pictures in the gallery are of our room and front yard. It was an awesome space for the two of us to spend several days – just the right amount of room! And the layout was cozy.

After dropping off our stuff and spending a little time learning the map of the resort area, we jumped aboard the harbor boat and crossed to the other side. There we meandered along the edge of a water park and enjoyed the scenery. Tiffani had arranged a 6pm dinner for us, so we located our restaurant and put our names in at the desk. After a short wait, we were called and escorted to our table. It was a buffet style “surf and turf” place, and the food was excellent.

Following dinner, we opted to slow-walk hand in hand around the harbor back to our room. We were blessed to get to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunset on a bridge over the waterway, as Disney boats passed below us. That was the moment where I got to look into the eyes of my beloved wife and think to myself, “THIS is what I’ve been looking forward to since we started planning this trip…” I’m glad I had presence of mind to take at least a couple pictures so I can always remember this part. I’ve shared two of those pictures below.

Monday morning, here we go! It’s EARLY, and we’re off to The Magic Kingdom to find our breakfast. A nice perk for Disney Resort visitors is that we had pre-arranged to have our breakfast before the park officially opens. So the pictures of Main Street, USA below that show an (almost) empty street is not the normal view. Usually the street is packed with people. After a brisk walk past Cinderella’s Castle, we found our restaurant and enjoyed our first meal in the park.

Now to back up for just a moment… before leaving home, Tiffani had let me know that she REALLY wanted a set of the much-sought-after “Rose Gold” Minnie Mouse ears. Once we arrived at the park and started asking, we were told that those particular ears were sold out of every shop in the park as quickly as they arrived. Based on that information, Tiffani quickly decided on a set of ears that matched her LulaRoe pants (see the pic of Tiffani at our front door on Monday morning, and the very last pic in the gallery below). During our day at Magic Kingdom, Tiffani was stopped by several ladies who wanted to tell her how much they liked the leggings & ears combination! And although we DID look for the Rose Gold ears in every shop we passed for 3 days, we never found them.

Next post, we’ll tell you about our day at The Magic Kingdom and beyond!

And by the way, if you know where I can buy a set of those Rose Gold ears online, PLEASE leave a comment below. I would LOVE to get Tiffani a set and bless her!

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Amy Wyler of “Polka Dots N Wishes Travel” – Amy, you helped make our wish come true! Thank you so much! ~Jason

Friends, if you are planning a trip to Disney, you simply need to talk to Amy. Disney is WHAT SHE DOES! And take it from me, she does it well! Here’s how to get hold of Amy…

Instagram: polkadotsnwishestravel
Twitter: @PolkadotsWishes

And for those who might think up such questions, this is not a paid endorsement. She had no idea we were going to write anything. Amy really did such a wonderful job helping us prepare for our trip, that I’d love for her to get the chance to help you too!

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6 thoughts on “30th Anniversary GetAway – Pt. 2

  1. Chuck and Dean says:

    I’m so glad you guys had a great time at Disney. We miss you guys and can’t wait until we get to come visit you. Love you guys.

    1. Jason says:

      Hey you guys! We are anticipating the day when you get to come visit us at the homestead! Thanks for reading the posts, and keep coming back… there’s 5 more coming in our 30th Anniversary adventure! Love to you both.

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