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Hello friends! Back on August 28 of this year, I posted the article “30 Years Today”. In that article, I told you our plans for the honeymoon that we never got to take back when we got married in 1987. I also promised you some posts about our trip. This is post number one of that series!

Between Tiffani and I, we took more than 600 pictures while we were away. I spent a couple hours going through them one by one, and I’ve whittled them down to about 130 that I plan to share with you throughout this series of posts.

Today’s post covers the first 3 days of our travel. We left the farm on Friday, September 15 at around 1pm. I set the GPS for our oldest daughter’s house in North Carolina, 345 miles south of home. Tiffani and I spent the next several hours simply BASKING in the fact that we were finally beginning the adventure that we’d been planning for a year. We talked, we sang along with the XM radio, we looked at the scenery, and we enjoyed each other’s company. Day 1 on the road was fantastic!

We arrived at eldest daughter’s place that evening, and enjoyed a good dinner (she’s a GREAT cook!), and spent quite a bit of time playing with our grandson. That boy is a walking ball of energy, and he wanted to get every moment with us that he could. Being grandparents is pretty cool!

The next morning (Saturday, September 16) we met daughter’s husband-to-be, and the 5 of us went out for breakfast. The conversation and company were both wonderful. Soon thereafter, we piled back into the truck and pointed the GPS to Port Wentworth, Georgia.

Saturday was a beautiful day for driving. Lots of sun and clear skies above. The drive was a relatively short one at 275 miles, and we simply took our time. We found our hotel in the afternoon with plenty of daylight still left. We found a decent restaurant called “Sweet Tea” serving good ol’ Georgia comfort food right around the corner. After dinner, we headed back to our room and got a good night’s sleep.

Sunday the 17th dawned bright and sunny, and very warm. We plugged our Disney Resort address into the GPS and settled in for the 300 mile ride. It wasn’t long before we began to see signs of Hurricane Irma alongside I-95. Trees broken off 40-50 feet above ground level and a couple of smashed buildings. There were lakes of standing water all over the place. But to the credit of a whole bunch of people, the cleanup work was well in hand. By mid-afternoon, we found ourselves at the gate to Disney World.

After unloading the truck at the front door of our resort, it took about an hour to get through the check-in line, where we received an intense crash course on how to navigate the Mouse Maze known as Disney.

In the next post, we’ll pick up right here with our first impressions of our Disney Resort room!

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Amy Wyler of “Polka Dots N Wishes Travel” – Amy, you helped make our wish come true! Thank you so much! ~Jason

Friends, if you are planning a trip to Disney, you simply need to talk to Amy. Disney is WHAT SHE DOES! And take it from me, she does it well! Here’s how to get hold of Amy…

Instagram: polkadotsnwishestravel
Twitter: @PolkadotsWishes

And for those who might think up such questions, this is not a paid endorsement. She had no idea we were going to write anything. Amy really did such a wonderful job helping us prepare for our trip, that I’d love for her to get the chance to help you too!

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