Hello readers! We are running a 7-part series with my thoughts on what our 25th wedding anniversary means to me. This series started on Monday August 20th, skipped the weekend, and is wrapping up tomorrow, Tuesday August 28th – the actual date of our anniversary. Please follow along each day with us, and feel free to comment on each or any section of the series. Your feedback is welcome!

If you didn’t get to read last Friday’s post, click here to check it out, then come back and read on!

25 YEARS MARRIED… (continued)

We’re continuing our trip back to August 28th 1987, where I’ve sat down to have a chat with myself on my wedding day. Tiffani is rocking our 8 month old baby to sleep in the next room, and I’ve got my own undivided attention. Let’s listen in…

Marriage Wisdom – Tip Number Five

The frivolous rules of make-believe time travel only allow me to pass along 5 tips for future growth so this will have to be the last one. This tip has the potential for both the most blessing AND the most pain, all rolled into one. Are you ready?

Be ready to forgive, ten thousand times over if necessary.

That lady over there will never be perfect… she will never behave in precisely the ways you expect she might… she WILL let you down in a myriad of ways. But also be aware of this… you will do the same to her.

Oh, not necessarily in exactly the same ways, but the hurt you inflict on her will be just as painful. You will not be any more or any less guilty than she. Chances are good you will need to be forgiven just as often, or perhaps even more so, than she needs it from you.

Matthew 6:14-15 gives us a hard truth – but one we must be willing to walk out in this life: “For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. “But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.”

Taken at face value, this says to me that God’s willingness to forgive MY sins is directly tied to my own willingness to forgive others – including my wife.

You’ve probably heard this lie a time or two in your life… “Time heals all wounds.” You need to learn now that this is completely false. Time doesn’t do anything but make you older, and possibly more bitter (if you don’t learn how to forgive).

One of the things I often tell people back in the future where I came from is this… Forgiveness is not always easy. But the peace that comes after is well worth the effort. Time does NOT heal wounds. Forgiving does. (And that fits very nicely into a 140 character twitter box! What’s a twitter box? Ah, nevermind! Haha! Silly me!) But anyway… learn this truth, and practice it. Your wife (and you) will both need it. And if you ever start to believe the enemy’s lies that she doesn’t deserve it, just remember all the things that God will have forgiven YOU for. THAT will bring your pride to a screeching halt in a big hurry.

I’m glad we’ve had this chat, but now it’s time for me to get back to August 2012, where that hot babe of mine is waiting for me to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary with her. I can’t wait to get back to her! Be diligent, be watchful, and love her as you walk through life. She needs YOU. Don’t be a stranger to her. If you do these things now, trust me… you’ll LOVE what you end up with at the other end of the timeline.

Ok, now step back as we get into Doc Browns’ DeLorean…

Watch out for the blast zone behind the car… 1.21 jigawatts can really light up your hairdo if you’re not careful!

Come back tomorrow for the wrap-up of this 7-post series!

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    Forgiveness is the cornerstone of Christianity
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