Hello readers! We are running a 7-part series with my thoughts on what our 25th wedding anniversary means to me. This series is running from Monday August 20th, skipping the weekend, and wrapping up on Tuesday August 28th – the actual date of our anniversary. Please follow along each day with us, and feel free to comment on each or any section of the series. Your feedback is welcome!

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25 YEARS MARRIED… (continued)

We’re continuing our trip back to August 28th 1987, where I’ve sat down to have a chat with myself on my wedding day. Tiffani is rocking our 8 month old baby to sleep in the next room, and I’ve got my own undivided attention. Let’s listen in…

Marriage Wisdom – Tip Number Three

Young Jason, the next truth you need to grasp is that your wife – the tender and beautiful one that God has just blessed your life with – is the ONLY woman on earth that you will EVER need in order to have your sexual appetite satisfied.

God Himself said in Song of Solomon 5:1 Eat, friends; Drink and imbibe deeply, O lovers. He WANTS you to enjoy each other – often! Learn every square (and nicely curved) inch of her body, and ask her to help you learn together what makes it feel good. ROCK HER WORLD!

It is true that temptations will come in the form of pretty women and dubious circumstances – they always do. But I cannot stress this strongly enough… you need to give that ALL over to the Lord, allow Him to strengthen you against these demonic attacks by staying in His Word, and ALWAYS be faithful to, and honest with Tiffani.

Do not allow yourself to have a secret thought life that involves any other woman. This is absolute DEATH to a marriage. Many have the idea in their heads that it’s not really adultery if you haven’t actually touched another person sexually outside your marriage, but Jesus has stated very clearly otherwise in Matthew 5:27-28… “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

There are those who say that God doesn’t “specifically” address pornography in the Bible. I beg to differ… I believe Jesus covered it perfectly, as we just read!

Would it help if I told you that I’ve gone down that path, and I know these things from experience? Here’s a freebie for you though… she may not be like this right now (without Christ’s presence in her heart), but in time, that beautiful young lady in the next room is going to grow in her maturity in Christ, and she will become a Godly, forgiving woman. Hear me when I say this, little bro… NEVER take that for granted!

Cherish her for the gift she is to you. God has given you THE PERFECT GIFT for your life. She is a princess – not because you’re any sort of prince, ya doofus – but because she’s a daughter of the King of Kings. Treat her in a way that will make her daddy pleased that He gave her to you!

Come back tomorrow for the continuation of this 7-post series!

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4 thoughts on “25 Years Married… Part4

  1. jennifer says:

    So glad to see someone tackling the lie of “look but don’t touch”. That’s like sitting in front of your favorite dessert on a no-sweets diet.
    jennifer recently posted…I Am A WriterMy Profile

    1. Jason says:

      Amen, Jennifer! I have grown weary of hearing people say it’s fine to “look and enjoy” without touching. Jesus says CLEARLY that it is not. Where is the argument?
      Jason recently posted…Simple Date IdeasMy Profile

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