Hello readers! We are running a 7-part series with my thoughts on what our 25th wedding anniversary means to me. This series is running from Monday August 20th, skipping the weekend, and wrapping up on Tuesday August 28th – the actual date of our anniversary. Please follow along each day with us, and feel free to comment on each or any section of the series. Your feedback is welcome!

If you didn’t get to read yesterday’s post, click here to check it out, then come back and read on!

25 YEARS MARRIED… (continued)

We’re continuing our trip back to August 28th 1987, where I’ve sat down to have a chat with myself on my wedding day. Tiffani is rocking our 8 month old baby to sleep in the next room, and I’ve got my own undivided attention. Let’s listen in…

Marriage Wisdom – Tip Number Two

The next thing I’d tell my young self is the correct order of his relationship priorities. God always needs to be the first relationship – ahead of ANY other person, place or thing in your life… including your wife. But following right behind the Lord should always be your wife. (I am referring to life in general here… NOT extenuating circumstances such as sickness or extended periods of family separation.) When your children are grown and gone, your wife will be the one still left standing beside you. You need to CHERISH that relationship. She needs to know beyond any doubt that she stands ONLY behind the Lord in your heart.

Nothing on earth should ever cause her faith in that single fact to be shaken.

Next come your children. THEY are your mission field for as long as they live under your roof… and that time comes and goes in a blazing flash of light. Spend those brief moments leading those tender little hearts to Jesus – never give up on them… even when your heart gets ripped out by ugly things they may say or do against you.

Remember that the Lord NEVER gives up on us when we behave that way against Him.

After your children comes any ministry to the church or to people groups of any sort. This is the key to remember… the Lord gave you that wife and those children, and they are your first ministry. This will NOT change. Others come AFTER your family. If you can keep this concept in good standing, then I believe that your ministries will be blessed year after year after year.

Come back tomorrow for the continuation of this 7-post series!

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3 thoughts on “25 Years Married… Part3

  1. Enjoying the tips. Oh, that we could all go back and give our younger selves our hard-earned wisdom! I’d certainly have a few things to say to my foolish, youthful self.
    J (Hot, Holy & Humorous) recently posted…The Bible’s Answer to Sexual TemptationMy Profile

    1. Jason says:

      I would LOVE to be able to give myself a good smackin’ upside the head if I got the chance!
      Jason recently posted…Simple Date IdeasMy Profile

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