Recently we have been part of a group discussion among some very respected marriage bloggers about the effect of the Gospel on our marriages. To speak it plainly, we would have no marriage if not for the Gospel – the Good News. God is SO good to us, isn’t He?

 J (Anonymous) of Hot, Holy & Humorous took the proverbial bull by the horns and produced an article on this topic that has collectively taken our breath away. Please read this post and then take some relaxed time with a coffee (or whatever other beverage you prefer) to just meditate on it for a bit. There are SO many nuggets to be found here that I definitely can’t just zero in on one. They’re all so good!

I have closed comments on our post here, so if you wish to comment please do so on the original article.  Thanks!

And so… without further adieu…

The Gospel In The Bedroom

UPDATE 3/30/12: Our friends Tom & Debi at The Romantic Vineyard have posted their own take on the theme of the Gospel in the Christian bedroom, and we would love for you to take a few minutes and read it.  We are sure you’ll be blessed!

Loving Your Spouse With Gospel Love

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